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Marsupialmi Magic, part 3
"Are you sure you're going the right way?" Joe asked for the millionth time. "Yes! Marsupilami said that it was towards the setting sun from my house, and the setting sun is west. I must be really far into the jungle, or else people would've found it by now." Joe shrugged. We'd been walking for hours and still no sign of the Mayan structure Marsupilami had described to me. My mind went back to the poor family, and my heart ached at the thought of never seeing them again. I was content out in the jungle, with the Marsupi family to keep me company, but without them . . . I shuddered. Joe was OK, but he wasn't much company.
I sighed and continued making my way along the jungle. Having lived with the marsupis for a while, I was comfortable in the jungle, and i knew the signs of dangerous animals, such as the Jaguars and gators and snakes. I made sure to keep a sharp eye out for snakes especially. Jaguars and gators were easy to track because they were ground-dwellers, but snakes hung from
:iconcimorine90:Cimorine90 1 9
Marsupilami Magic, part 1
"Hey, Marsupilami!" I said, putting my book down. "Hi ya Kate! How's it going?" The family had come to visit for awhile. Marsupilami hopped up to me, while Marsupilame, his mate, hopped behind with the three little ones, Bibu, Bibo, and Bibi. I had a soft spot for Bibi, as everyone seemed to have, since she was the smallest. She didn't even have her spots yet, and could have been a toddler, if she was a human.
"Not too good." I replied. "Mom said I needed to get to work on my homework, and so here I am, reading a useless history book."
"What's history?" Marsupilami asked, scratching his upright ears with one hand. "It's stuff that happened in the past."
"Oh, you mean legends?" He asked. "Sort of. human legends, I guess. except people write it in books instead of telling it." I sighed. "Personally, I don't see what the point is. I mean, now is now, right?"
Marsupilami shared a secret grin with Marsupilame. "that's not really true. Hey Kate, how about this? How about I show you some hist
:iconcimorine90:Cimorine90 1 23
Marsupilami Magic, Part 2
"I don't know what we can do for them." Mom said as she took the thermometer from Bibi's tiny mouth. We were all in her and my fathers' lab, and the marsupis were all on the table for inspection. "They seem fine, other than the problem of their strength." Marsupilami had displayed for us how weak he was by trying to chop a coconut, only to have a huge bruise on his hand instead of a neatly-sliced coconut. Bibi, Bibu, and Bibo were all so weak their tails couldn't even raise up in the air. They began to drag on the ground, as did their parents' tails. I was starting to get really worried about them. Marsupilami himself hadn't said much to me, I guessed because he was too ashamed of how weak they all were. Mom and dad had left me with them for a while to go do what research they could. Since the Marsupilami creature was fairly new to the modern world, having been hidden in the jungle for centuries, there wasn't much we knew about them.
"You keep an eye on them, keep them warm, make sure
:iconcimorine90:Cimorine90 1 17
Idefix :iconyerali:yerali 14 0



Me as a Disney character
Yes, me as a Disney cartoon character!
 Why not a Disney or non-Disney princess or heroine? I don't know, but I don't regret how I drew myself.  I'm a young adult dog here, because I think it suits my personality and looks. Sometimes I  wonder what if I was in Disney's universe and have many crazy adventures with Max and the gang. I know, I didn't color it fully nor scan it, but how could I do it with a broken scanner and Photoshop? I think I really need to do something about this, but not too fast. I hate being rushed.

I own the picture, but the style I used belongs to their fightful and famous owners, only!
How Y' all doing? I'm doing fine, despite being busy with school, reading fanfics,practicing drawing  and still making my special collage set I'm working on for 2 years! I'm almost done with the last collages, but after this I'm gonna re-make 15 chosen episodes, so don't rush me and be patient. When I'm done, I'll upload it all on Tumblr.

Here's something for all the YouTubers who are both Disney/Non-Disney and "Sailor Moon'' fans and who are also on Fanfoction.Net.  You see, one friend and favorite author of mine owns a fantastic fanfic titled" "Sailor Disney Princess'', but now she uploaded an important poll on her profile which will show who should make another intros for her fanfic. Here's the link to her profile where You'll find everything:…. I'm only trying to help her!

Speaking of fanfics, I took another break from writing my "PPGZ'' and "DP'' fanfic, because I need to finish making the collage set first. I promise, I'll continue it all in the fiture! That's not all, though! I was wondering if I should write the one-shot fanfics on the Quotev, Wattpad or Fanfiction.Net. I have so many ideas for the chapters like: The adventures with clothing, species, eras, stuff like that. What do You think of this idea? If You have any interesting ideas or tips, I'd like to read them.

I have a surprise for every phan, too! It's true that today an option of watching and/or using the downloaded screencaps from our favorite movies, animes, etc, so here's a website decidated to "Danny Phantom'' episodes: dannyphantomscreencaps.weebly.…. Unfortunately, the 15th episode from season 1 isn't completed and it bothers me truly. Here's what I mean: dannyphantomscreencaps.weebly.…. I just hope the owner and creator of that site will complete it sooner or later. You can contact her not only on Weebly, but on Tumbrl, too: All we need right is a little patience.

And what else can I say/write here? Well, my scanner is still broken, but I'll try to fix it. When there's an occasion, I take photos of the various things and I'll upload them later, but not TOO late. I have one serious problem, while making characters on the games like this:…. How do You save the picture to later use it on e.g. Paint, Photoshop and things like it? I know, it sounds silly, but I'm serious. If You know how to do it, write a comment here. Thank You!

Everything is quite normal, but there's  always a place for art and adventure. ^u^ I think that's all for now. God bless You, guys!
  • Listening to: Various songs from the 2000's and 20th c.
  • Reading: Fanfics here and there
  • Watching: Animes and music videos
  • Playing: Dollmaker games online
  • Eating: Nothign unhealthy
  • Drinking: Water and tea with lemon, mint and honey


MarieAngel04's Profile Picture
Maria Magdalena Niewiadomska
Artist | Student | Varied
Hello, boys & girls!
I'm MarieAngel04, but my friends and family call me Maria, Marie, Mary or Rie-Rie for short.
My birth date is the 3rd of April 1996, while the Name-Day at the 15th of August.
I have medium long, blonde-brown, mild curly hair, deep blue eyes, white skin and always mix every kind of style together to make myself look unique.
I am from Poland, but in the future, I'll travel all over the world for amazing adventures and to visit all of my friends.
My dream is to be a voice actress and a singer. Though if it won't work, I can be a story writer and an artist instead. I also dream to marry a boy who's just like my 2 love crushes( Michael Jackson the Realistic Love Crush #1 and Danny Fenton/Pahntom the Fictional love crush #1).

I love: God, the Bible and other holy stuff, nature, environment, animals, music, literature, theatre, filmography, art, video/computer/online games, cartoons, animes, books, fairy tales, romance, mystery, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, boys that are cute, hot, sexy and handsome, my family, friends, idols and fans, electronics, technology, geography, history, ecology, school, English & Polish(also Japanese, though I don't speak it), every color in the world, boyish & girly things, love, justice, freedom, goodness, tolerance, happiness, people who understand and like me the way I am, not only the things I do for them, and anything that's cool and good.

What do I want on DA and other sites?
- Make all of my dreams(and not only mine) come true
- Make true best friends, idols and fans forever and never loose them.
- Share all my passions, abilities, likes & dislikes with the world
- Make this world a better place by being on the right side and doing good
- To always be myself
- To help everyone in need

If You have some questions or requests, I don't mind; bring them on.

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