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Levin and Seffie Fenton by MarieAngel04 Levin and Seffie Fenton by MarieAngel04

This picture is for Prenncooder’s contest! I may be a little late with this, but who cares? Being a bit late is better than nothing, sometimes. Here are Danny and Cecelia’s children, drawn with a style which is new to me, but it's worth a try. Here are their bios:


Levin Fenton/Phantom

Birth date: December 6

Skills: martial arts, scateboarding, snowboarding, rollerscating, cycling, gymnastics, street dancing, guitarist, rapping, singing

Dream: To be a popular skater, martial artist or even a stuntman.

Likes: hanging out with his friends, nice and pretty girls, extreme sports, adventures, chemistry, rock, techno, hip hop music, collecting comic books and action figures, playing video games, action movies, being himself, helping those in need, being in a centre of attention, star gazing, fantastic creatures.

Dislikes: Bullies, rainy days, flies and mosquitos buzzing around his ear and biting him, being embarrassed by his grandparents, soap operas, unannounced tests, playing dress ups with his sister, dishonest and unfaithful girls using him on their purposes, Spanish lessons, boybands.

Bio:  Levin is the oldest child of the Fenton sibling. He's a laid back, funny and charming boy with extremely crazy ideas and incredible dreams. He's born to be wild, brave and tough. He's overconfinent, stubborn, hyperactive and hates boredom. Despide the temperament he can show he's selfishless, loyal and helpful. He reakky cares about his closest ones and he'll never net anything nor anybody ruin their happiness of life.


Seffie Fenton/Spirit

Birth Date: June 13

Skills: Dancer, singer, speaks well English, French, Spanish and even Japanese, imaginative artist, cheerleader, writer.

Dream: To become a well-known artist.

Likes: Reading books and mangas, drawing, painting, karaoke, playing with her friends, animals, flowers, daydreaming, listening to  pop, R&B, jazz, funk, soul and soft rock music,  cheerleading, gardening, logical games, magical girl stuff, teasing Levin, cooking with her mom, lessons with her dad.

Dislikes: Racism, discrimination, spiders, sexism, annoying, mean people, scary  monsters, blood, being lonely, cheating, when her loved ones have trouble or are in danger, math, policy, crude humor, horror movies.

Bio: Seffie is Levin’s little sister and the youngest child of Danny and Cecelia Fenton. She's smart, polite, friendly, optimistic and cheerful. She never thinks of becoming a bad girl, because she knows she would disappoint her loved ones. She's naive, shy, gets scared easily and rarely loses her temper. She hates seeing somebody getting hurt or humiliated, after she heard her parents' stories. She can be friends with both boys and girls, no matter how old they are, what they look like or where they come from.


If there is something here I need to add, deleate or correct, give me a sign and I’ll do it pronto! Sorry if I didn’t scan them, but my scanner is still broken. That’s why I had to take the picture of them. If You wanna know how they look like in their ghost forms, check out that link:….

Fave, comment and like!


I do NOT own DP nor Cecelia because they belong to their rightful owners only! The Ocs are mine and I forbit You to steal them or use any of my pictures without my permission!

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September 30, 2016
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