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Hello, everyone!
Guess what?
I'm going to write fanmakes/parodies/fanfics based on our childhood movies, but this time... Danny's gonna be paired up with other girls who look cute with him! And no Amethyst Ocean stuff'll be there, no siree.
Anyway, I've already got the direction for my first fanmake of "Swan Princess'' which is dedicated specially for all the DannyxValerie fans:

Danny Fenton/Phantom as Prince Derek
Valerie Gray as Princess Odette - Melometa's Fight type is her form
Valerie's father as King William
Jack & Maddie Fenton as Queen Uberta
Jazz Fenton as Rogers
Tucker Foley as Brombley
Jack Spicer as Chamberlain
Him as Rodbart
Sam Manson as Bridget
Timon as Jean Bob
Pumbaa as Speed
Wilbur as Puffin
Hyenas as the crocs
Mojo Jojo as Clavious
Skulker as Knuckles
Sedusa as Zelda
Iago as Whizzer

So do You like it? any proposals? Comment here!
Don't forget to give me other ideas of the other fanmakes, please. I'll be greatefu;o!

Kindly as always: MarieAngel

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February 28, 2014


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