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Hello once again, my Friends! Boys and Girls, Men and Women, kids, teenagers and adults.. Everyone!!!!!!!!

Here's another thing I want you to share with me: This time is a music topic. That's right, guys & gals. I gotta do a fan contest for Every S.R.J.S. fan and not only to see their comments, fanfics and fanpics about which song would suit the characters and what music band/music artist they remind you of. Just for fun, Okay?
And a little bit of rules of the contest:
1. Don't make any ridiculous things nor anything what'd make anybody(or me) mad, disappointed or upset.
2. Unleash your own imagination and artistic soul - Thank to that, you'll make a wonderful and awesome pics and stories.
3. If you don't know what should you do or anything, you can ask me and talk with me about anything anytime - I'm always ready to help you with anything;p!

The winners of the contest... can see their works, after doing everything what I wrote above. How long it takes? It takes to... 14:02: 2013 or even forever if anybody wanna do it for fun:D!

I'm waiting patiently for anything you'll make;)!!
Good luck and Happy New Year;3!!!!!!!!

If anybody herhas some ideas for the songs to my fanstory, please send me a note with the lyrics and stay tunes reading ''Amethia & Cutie" fanstory on Fiction Press. com! Don't forget to write some ideas of all of my fanstories here:…  and here:…

See you there & here and have a great time at the New Year Party and after the party;)!!!!
MultiSuperChaos Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I already gave you my opinions via Skype, just look it up ;)
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