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Hello, guys! Long time no see. How are You doing? I'm doing super, hyper, mega fine. :) Last year ended well for me and the new ones seems to start pretty well, too. Sorry if I don't upload my pictures so often, but I've been quite busy lately. This years I'm gonna finally end school, so I can have lots of free time for myself, my art & literature hobbies, my family and friends, etc. Isn't that great? I think it's fantastic!pokemon gif eevee
Anyway, I'm writing this little journal to inform You about new fanfics I'm planning to write. This time on Wattpad or Quotev. I read various fanfics, especially those where Danny is paired up with someone else instead of Sam and I must say... I'm very impressed and inspired to write my own fanfics and one-shots. Don't worry; I'll try to continue my "Power Halfas'' fanfic on Fanfiction.Net no matter what! For now let's talk about DannyxReader fanfics/one-shots ideas that came into my mind. 
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The first idea for a one-shot fanfic would be about the alternatives realities where the reader meets Danny, but what if he wasn't like the original Danny we know from the cartoon? What if he was a cocky, popular guy, a shy nerd, skater fun dude or a mysterious goth/emo rebel?
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Secondly I have another idea for the one shots. About the alternative universes as well, but instead of being a Halfa, Danny could be the other kind of fantastic creature such as:full ghost, werewolf, alien, angel, merman, vampire, shapeshifter, genie, centaur or wizard.
 If You have suggestions for his personality, powers and ideas for the stories, I'd gladly read Your comments. As for the pictures, we'll have to wait and see. I'm making no contest at the moment, but if You're interested in drawing Danny to match the stories, that's alright.
I'm waiting patiently for Your comments and even notes. Here are my other profiles where You can find me as Angelrie96 on Quotev and RetroMar96 on Wattpad. For those who forgot my Fanfiction.Net's username it's Dreams Come True 996. I think that;s all for now. Tomorrow I'll be writing a new story, but what about? I can't tell, because I don't wanna ruin this special surprise I'm preparing to every Phangirl out there. Thank You for reading this journal and You're welcome to comment and even add it to Your favorites. No haters and rude words allowed! If You don't like it, just skip it! See You next time!

Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-08 (Heart Angel) [V1] MarieAngel04hammie angel 

  • Listening to: Music bands a friend of mine recommended
  • Reading: Fanfics on PC and phone
  • Watching: Movie franchises and cartoons
  • Playing: salitaire card game on the laptop
  • Eating: Veggies with rice and curry
  • Drinking: Warm tea with lemon, no sugar
How Y' all doing? I'm doing fine, despite being busy with school, reading fanfics,practicing drawing  and still making my special collage set I'm working on for 2 years! I'm almost done with the last collages, but after this I'm gonna re-make 15 chosen episodes, so don't rush me and be patient. When I'm done, I'll upload it all on Tumblr.

Here's something for all the YouTubers who are both Disney/Non-Disney and "Sailor Moon'' fans and who are also on Fanfoction.Net.  You see, one friend and favorite author of mine owns a fantastic fanfic titled" "Sailor Disney Princess'', but now she uploaded an important poll on her profile which will show who should make another intros for her fanfic. Here's the link to her profile where You'll find everything:…. I'm only trying to help her!

Speaking of fanfics, I took another break from writing my "PPGZ'' and "DP'' fanfic, because I need to finish making the collage set first. I promise, I'll continue it all in the fiture! That's not all, though! I was wondering if I should write the one-shot fanfics on the Quotev, Wattpad or Fanfiction.Net. I have so many ideas for the chapters like: The adventures with clothing, species, eras, stuff like that. What do You think of this idea? If You have any interesting ideas or tips, I'd like to read them.

I have a surprise for every phan, too! It's true that today an option of watching and/or using the downloaded screencaps from our favorite movies, animes, etc, so here's a website decidated to "Danny Phantom'' episodes: dannyphantomscreencaps.weebly.…. Unfortunately, the 15th episode from season 1 isn't completed and it bothers me truly. Here's what I mean: dannyphantomscreencaps.weebly.…. I just hope the owner and creator of that site will complete it sooner or later. You can contact her not only on Weebly, but on Tumbrl, too: All we need right is a little patience.

And what else can I say/write here? Well, my scanner is still broken, but I'll try to fix it. When there's an occasion, I take photos of the various things and I'll upload them later, but not TOO late. I have one serious problem, while making characters on the games like this:…. How do You save the picture to later use it on e.g. Paint, Photoshop and things like it? I know, it sounds silly, but I'm serious. If You know how to do it, write a comment here. Thank You!

Everything is quite normal, but there's  always a place for art and adventure. ^u^ I think that's all for now. God bless You, guys!
  • Listening to: Various songs from the 2000's and 20th c.
  • Reading: Fanfics here and there
  • Watching: Animes and music videos
  • Playing: Dollmaker games online
  • Eating: Nothign unhealthy
  • Drinking: Water and tea with lemon, mint and honey
Hello, everyone!

Today I'm writing this journal, because I have interesting news! I set up my art/literature plan properly.:
On fridays I'm gonna write more chapters of my "PowerHalfas'' fanfic(here's the fresh chapter,…), while on weekends I'm gonna work on my collages. But it doesn't mean I'll be busy with only this! When I have time, occasion and mood, I can watch, listen, play, read and do whatever I want and whenever I want. Not forgetting about my house or school duties, of course. How does that sound to You, guys? To me it sounds fair, if You ask me.

I think that's all for now. Have a good time, before the Valentine's Day!

Yours trully: MarieAngel04

Go ahead and ask me anything You'd like to know. I'll answer for any questions You ask me.

  • Listening to: Various soundtracks from the 2000's and 20th c.
  • Reading: Fanfics here and there
  • Watching: Fairly Oddparents
  • Playing: Jazz Jackrabbit 2
  • Eating: Whatever I have appetite for
  • Drinking: Orange juice(homemade)
Hey there, guys!
I wrote my first song which is gonna be sang in the future. Here are the lyrics:

"We're all like a family
I'm glad of it, really
You should be, too
Because... I love You

Our friendship lasts forever
Never say "never''
And don't give up on our dreams
'Cause we'll make them come true, You'll see

Don't loose the trust in me
And never let me go
You're another part of me
I love You so

Our friendship lasts forever
Nevr say "never''
And don't give up on our dreams
'Cause we'll make them come true, You'll see

Although we're different
We are still the same
Whatever will happen
Faith is our name

Our friendship lasts forever
Never say "never''
And don't give up in our dreams
'Cause we'll make them come true, You'll see.''

I wrote it with all my heart to show my friends, fans and idols around the world how much do I love and care about them. All I need to it it's music, but I'm sure I'll make it somehow, with a little help of my family's friends and not only.
Still I hope You love it and review it.

As always: MarieAngel04 - Your best, true friends forever.

Hello, everyone!
Guess what?
I'm going to write fanmakes/parodies/fanfics based on our childhood movies, but this time... Danny's gonna be paired up with other girls who look cute with him! And no Amethyst Ocean stuff'll be there, no siree.
Anyway, I've already got the direction for my first fanmake of "Swan Princess'' which is dedicated specially for all the DannyxValerie fans:

Danny Fenton/Phantom as Prince Derek
Valerie Gray as Princess Odette - Melometa's Fight type is her form
Valerie's father as King William
Jack & Maddie Fenton as Queen Uberta
Jazz Fenton as Rogers
Tucker Foley as Brombley
Jack Spicer as Chamberlain
Him as Rodbart
Sam Manson as Bridget
Timon as Jean Bob
Pumbaa as Speed
Wilbur as Puffin
Hyenas as the crocs
Mojo Jojo as Clavious
Skulker as Knuckles
Sedusa as Zelda
Iago as Whizzer

So do You like it? any proposals? Comment here!
Don't forget to give me other ideas of the other fanmakes, please. I'll be greatefu;o!

Kindly as always: MarieAngel

It's me, again!

I have to say somethign very important here!
Remember my older journals here?
Well, here's a new one based on them, but with some changes.
For those who misunderstood me here, I want to say sorry for yelling at them for no reason, because I was upset and afraid. I didn't mean that. But if only one girl didn't start a very hard topic, I wouldn't get into much troublke as now. 
I took a few advices from my friends and I listen to them without even thinking about breaking my promises I'd never break to not ruin our friendship. I wanna truly thank them for that from all my heart & care. 
There are some things You also have to remember for the future:
1. Never leave Your friends behind, even if they make some little or bog mistakes. Forgive them and forget about the horrible past.
2. I'm just like all of You: a living person with feelings and consience who wants to not only make her biggest dreams come true, but also get along very well with her friends forever, help people in need and make them happy, and the most important thing; to make this world a better place with my abilities and faith to God.

So please, don't block me nor report against me to ban me for no reason, because I don't deserve it! I want to be here forever to have fun with my friends & fans and make all of my(and not only mine) dreams come true! Give me a chance to let me show You that I'm not a bad person! So if You forgive me for my accidental mistakes that didn't mean to happen and forget about that whole stuff, we're all gonna be happy and leave in peace & harmony again without any fights, argues or hatred.
So once again, let's forget about the horrible, accidental past and starts things here for better, shall we?
And I'm really sorry for everything! I swear I'll show You all my good side if someone who doesn't understand it won't get me into another trouble for no reason!
 I hope You're gonna forgive me after reading this, so we can live in harmony again, aren't You? You have to!
God will reward You all for this!
Thank You and have a great time!

With love, care, kindness and hope: SRJSFanPL4
It's me again1
I've heard that someone wants me to write an apology journal with the explanation of why do I hate DxS the most. Why is that?
Whoever said something like this is totally nuts. I can't do this so quickly, because of my duties! I need to find a lot of free time for that! Propably for this weekend or another.
You can wait patiently for this, can't You?
Being in rush is never so good to anyone, after all.

I promise I'll write this, but please: Give me a lot of free time. Okey dokey?
I promise I'll be totally grateful for this;o!

See You very soon!
Stay tuned!


Hello, again, my dear viewers, fans, friends... and unfortunately rivals.

I'm writing this journal because of my friend asked me to it.

You know I'am innocent, good, kind, and honest, don't You?

A few days ago, I got into a big furry about my most hated couple that shouldn't exist and later, I got into nasty trouble. These 2 girls: and wanted to start a war, because they wanted to get revenge on me and ruin my life by a lot of mean and uncool things. I told them many times that I am innocent and I do never lie, and that I'm a lover, not a figher, but unfortunately they didn't want to believe or listen to me. So I added them to my blocked users list to make them understand that all the things they've done are not right and that we'll never become friends. As the wise, old people said: ''  A friend in need is a friend indeed than the fake ones who want to ruin You".

Can't they really see my kindness and goodness from all my gold heart?
I bet they can't.

So if You're all reading this, You must know I'm really a good girl whom You can trust, but rememeber You mustn't tease nor bully her or her friends.
I am really a good, polite, wise, cool, kind, funny, talented girl who wants to meet the best friends forever and share her knowledge, passions, hobbies, dreams, feelings, thoughts, likes, dislikes and everythign from her heard and mind. So whoever said that I'm a nasty, bullying, lying, pathetic, troll... is no right to say such stupidities like these lies and rumors. That's why I am not naive nor stupid.

Some of You propably wonder why I was so upset, right?
It's just because... everytime I see my most hated couple:… , all I feel is anger, jealousy, sowwor and hatred, because I'd love to see our favorite Halfa with other girl than this Goth girl. Sorry to say that, but it's true truth!
From now on, I started to stay away from all the DannyxSam stuff, because I don't wanna start any war, again. Nobody will make me to love this couple, because I don't want to. I've got my own favorite couples which are fine by me.
So instead of writing comments on DxS stuff about my disappointments... I decided to express all my love to Danny by arts, fanfics and... music and videos!
That's right, folks! I'm gonna do this all because of my feelings and the other DP fangirls who feel the same way to Danny. Thanks to my BFF, Runty, I've finally understood that i should express all my lofe on arts arts and that the 4th season of DP belongs to us where we can pair ourselves up with Danny... or something like that. After all, thank You, Jannie, for such an advice like this. You're one of the best friend I have, You know?

So I hope that this terrible fanwar will fnally end after this note and everything's gonna back to normal, right?
I hope so.;O

Now You see how kind, honest thoughtful and great I am? 
Everything I write and say is a true truth, not a fake lie nor even a stupid rumor. I want to do good things to everybody and make this world a better place.

God Jehova bless You all!

With honesty, goodness, hope and love: SRJS Fangirl nr.1 PL

Hello, again, boys & girls!
Long time no see, eh?
I'm so sorry for not writing the newest journal since the New Year's Party, but it's not my fault at all - I'm just too busy with the various stuff like: school & house duties, reading books & fanfics, drawing, looking for some cool fanpics to download to my collection, writing another fanfics, daydreaming, listening to music, traveling, collection S>R.J.S. stuff to my greatest SRJs Collection, etc.

I don't know if You have noticed, but a few months ago, I fell in love with the right one whom I was looking for too long. Can You guess the guy's name, anyway?
The answers You can find here if You don't know what I'm talking about:…

Anyway, I'm writing this journal to You to ask You a favor: I'm going to write another upcoming fanfics:
1. An opposite of ''Kingdom Hearts" which is gonna be a crossover between all the cartoons we like the most(except for my most favorite SRJS anime & video games. Don't ask me why! You wouldn't understand me if I tell You, would You?), but with a little different plot, etc.
2. Two ''PPG", ''PPGZ" and ''Danny Phantom" crossovers. I even drew some pics of the ghostly versions of the PPG/PPGZ:… Though .
3. Even though I'm writing right now a fanfic called ''Two Halfas, One Destiny":… , I still need some ideas for the next chapters.

So... do You think You can help me a bit with al of this, guys?
I'll be super duper grateful after this, honest!!!
All You need to do is to send me some notes here or there:… about the ideas, discussions, etc., draw some fanpics and/or even the fan comic books/mangas, make some fan music videos with pics or cartoons/anime/movie/video game events to later add them on You Tube, and tell me all Your thoughts about this. How does that sound, hmm?

Remember, I'm waiting patiently for all Your responds and not only;O!!!!
Good luck and see You very soon;3!!!!!!!!

As always: SRJS Fangirl PL nr. 1

i don't mind if You use some of my fancharacters or the ideas in Your fanfics &/or fanpics;O! go ahead!!
Hello once again, my Friends! Boys and Girls, Men and Women, kids, teenagers and adults.. Everyone!!!!!!!!

Here's another thing I want you to share with me: This time is a music topic. That's right, guys & gals. I gotta do a fan contest for Every S.R.J.S. fan and not only to see their comments, fanfics and fanpics about which song would suit the characters and what music band/music artist they remind you of. Just for fun, Okay?
And a little bit of rules of the contest:
1. Don't make any ridiculous things nor anything what'd make anybody(or me) mad, disappointed or upset.
2. Unleash your own imagination and artistic soul - Thank to that, you'll make a wonderful and awesome pics and stories.
3. If you don't know what should you do or anything, you can ask me and talk with me about anything anytime - I'm always ready to help you with anything;p!

The winners of the contest... can see their works, after doing everything what I wrote above. How long it takes? It takes to... 14:02: 2013 or even forever if anybody wanna do it for fun:D!

I'm waiting patiently for anything you'll make;)!!
Good luck and Happy New Year;3!!!!!!!!

If anybody herhas some ideas for the songs to my fanstory, please send me a note with the lyrics and stay tunes reading ''Amethia & Cutie" fanstory on Fiction Press. com! Don't forget to write some ideas of all of my fanstories here:…  and here:…

See you there & here and have a great time at the New Year Party and after the party;)!!!!
Hi, it's me, again!
Guys...I know that this topic sounds weird, but...I need your advices: I'm at teen age and, you know, the hormones are crackle inside me. That means I'm looking for a good boyfriend that has to be nice, good, faith, true, he can't betray me with oher girls nor be a bad boy. You know what I mean, don't you?
That's why I'm writing this topic: I don't know where and how can I find the only one for me! Can you help me, please?
just give me some advices and I'll be Super Duper Grateful;o!!!!

I'm waitng patiently for the comment or messages about this;D!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!!
Happy birthday, dear Amy!!!
Happy birthday to you!!!!

that's right, folrks! Amy Rose is 18 years old, now! So that means she's finally adult!!!!
Here's something I wanna wish to our super hyper cute & wonderful hedgie girl:

Dear Amy
I'm your truest fan since I met you. After I learned everything about you, I started to dream about me being yourself. I still dream about that. Pretty weird, huh?
Anyway, in that day of yours, I wish you everything what's good for you. I also wish you to make your greatest dreams come true.
You'll always be my biggest idol ever, forever & forever more.

With best wishes, your truest fangirl ever:
Hey, boys & girls! It's me, again;3!!!!
Here's a contest for you:
After 2014,  there will be shown 3 things:
1. The anime TV series that's gonna have 6 season. Every season shall have 50 episodes. In other words...All 300 episodes will take 1 hour of watching.
2. The feature movie that will be a continuation of the anime. It'll take...3 or 4 hours of watching!
3. the sequel of ''PlayStation Move Heroes"!!!! This time with our 4 most favorite video games franchises;D!!!!
Isn't that great????
I think it is;3!!!!
I'm not kidding! I sent the letters to SEGA, Insomniac Games, Naughty dog, Sucker Punch and EVEN nihilistic Software about this,really!!!!!!!!
You can send the letters to them, too, if you agree with me;]!!!!

Let's back to the contest. I want you to do few things:
1. Draw the designs of the characters of these things. They need to have a new appearance, because the action of the anime will take 5 or 6 years after Sonic X, while the action of the feature movie will take place 2 or 3 years later. You can even draw some scenes, comics, etc.1
2. Write a fanstory about it. Show how do you imagine that.
3. Visit SRJSFans on You tube - You'll find there an interesting video contest;}!

In any case, you can always read my fanstory on fanfiction called ''Adventures in the Universe: Part 1" and its continuations I'm planning;3!!!!
I don't know how'll be, but we all see in 2014;D!!!!
Don't forget to inform me about your works;0!!!!
Good luck;D!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visit the group called ''SRJS-Fanclub" and join it;3!!!!
S.R.J.S. Forever & FOREVER more;D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello, again!
I've got the news; 1 month ago, I was busy with signing up to the other sites that are cool and interesting for me. If you're on the other sites, too, you can find me as:
S.R.J.S. Fangirl from PL - Fanfiction and FictionPress
srjsfangirlpl2014 - You Tube
AmyRose13 - Wikia(Sonic Wiki, Ratchet & Clank Wiki, Jak & Daxter Wiki, an dSly cooper Wiki!!!!)
SRJSFangirlPL - Ratchet Galaxy
Good luck with finding me there;D!!!!

I'm new here...and i don't know how to make and add the pics here. So i need your help:
1. What I need to make the pics like yours?
2. What should I buy/get to startr drawing and painting in a perfect style?
3. Where can I get everything for work and how?
You know what I mean, so I beg you for some advices;o!!!!
I'm waiting for the answers of yours;D!!!!